Museum of Russian Strategic Missile Forces

Balashikha, Moscow Region, Russia. Opening – December 22nd 2017

By request and in close collaboration with the system integrator “Project Support” our team created multimedia show and video content for this museum, organized inside of new building of Academy of Strategic Missile Forces named after Peter the great in Balashikha town.

This show employs 8m sphere, projected by 2 projectors with 30000lumens of brightness, 16pcs of mesh screens, installed on the side from each rocket and light beams.

As this museum is a permanent installation, there are 2 modes of work realized: interactive mode, when by using of touchscreen user may choose specific rocket and review information about it, and show mode, which employs all the screens and light fixtures of the venue.

During annual board meeting of the Ministry of Defence, on 22nd of December 2017 President of Russia Vladimir Putin and top officials of the Ministry of Defence attended the opening of this museum.