Ground-breaking ceremony for Gas-To-Liquid plant

Owadan-Depe, Turkmenistan, October 2015

By request of Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd (Republic of Korea) our team created concept design and performed turnkey realization for the ground breaking ceremony of new natural gas refinery plant, planned to be built in a closest suburb of Ashgabat until 2018.

We proposed to build a dome-shaped pavilions in a desert, which will looks like a natural gas molecule from the helicopter view. Small domes was reserved for VIP guests, entrance lobby, and ceremony area. Large central dome, 30 meters in diameter, was designed to host 500 guests to hear the speech of top government bodies, and watch the breathtaking 10 minutes fulldome presentation about history of gas appearance in Turkmenistan – since the ancient times until the present moment.

To ensure high quality of dome projection, 12pcs of brand new Christie Boxer projectors and D3 mediaservers was used. Our team created a scenario and provided its production in a shortest possible timeframe.

This was a truly new, “never seen before” experience for Turkmenistan which was appreciated on a top government level.