Inauguration ceremony for 1st phase of Asian International railway transport corridor Turkmenistan – Afghanistan - Tajikistan

Ymamnazar, Turkmenistan, November 28th 2016

By request of the Ministry of Railway Transport of Turkmenistan our team created concept, design phase and completed installation of projection and kinematic LED equipment, also creation of scenario and videoproduction according with it.

In this particular project we demonstrated possibility of volumetric projection (3d videomapping), whereby image demonstrated by walls and by floors of the building. For wall projection volumetric decorations was created, looks like traditional turkmen ornaments- goli.

By this effect we achieved “surprise” – during the presentation famous traditional golis “come alive” and demonstrated the facts about achievements of Turkmenistan in the field of transport during the years of independence, as well as the prerequisites for establishing Asian transport corridor, its benefits for participated countries.

This show was attended by Presidents of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.