Launch ceremony of railway link Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran, part of international transport corridor “North-South”

Etrek, Turkmenistan, December 2014

By request of Railway Transport Ministry of Turkmenistan our team created concept design and performed turnkey realization for the railway link launch ceremony between Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran.

This was our first project in Turkmenistan and we tried to create a fresh view on modern Turkmenistan by combining its traditions and innovations.

Being inspired by traditional patterns and ornaments we created a ceremony pavilion, which looks like 8-sided star from a helicopter view. For presentation needs 360-degrees panorama was proposed. Additionally we created a “media-carpet” realtime interactive application and dining area with the stage.

Besides of hardware part, our team also created the scenario of panoramic video presentation, which graphically explaining the advantages of launched railway and contribution of the participated countries.

Presidents of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran attended this event.